R E C E N T  W O R K

Every story we capture is an honor and leaves a mark on our hearts. Here are a few recent films of the people we hold dear.

E M I L Y + Z A C K

Emily & Zack’s day seriously went by too quickly. I was with them all day, and yet I feel like I blinked and then it was over. Which made me very very sad. Then I remembered I filmed it! Silly me. And ohhhhhh the things I saw that I didn’t quite notice the first time around.


D E A N N A + G E O R G E

Deanna and George love each other with a fierceness you don’t see too often. They really do love with their whole hearts and it shows the second you ask either to talk about the other.

L Y D I A + N I C K

Paradise Cove in Orlando. It’s basically the setting I would choose for a movie should I ever make it. The water, the trees, the cottage, the pavilion–all of it was perfect, and so perfectly Lydia & Nick.


E M I L Y + T O D D

Their wedding day was held jointly at Bellewood Plantation and First Baptist Church in downtown Vero. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, but it was raining. And not a fun kind of rain… the drizzly, grey sky, won’t soak you but it’ll annoy you kind of rain. Todd and Emily weren’t phased in the least.

A  L O V E  P O E M  S T Y L E D  F I L M

My friend Marie of Marie Nicole Weddings asked if I would like to be part of a styled shoot she was cooking up with Sarandipity Florals, ECP Events and Grant Station. The idea was a moody rendition of Beauty and The Beast and Photography by V would be taking stills. I was like, “um. YES.”


L A U R E N + P A T

Pat & Lauren have possibly the most complex wedding story I’ve ever had the honor of telling. But maybe I should start with the fact that I didn’t shoot their actual wedding… I got to film their vow renewal at Up The Creek Farms…

H A N N A H  +  D A K O T A

I’m not sure I’ll ever see another wedding quite as unique as Hannah & Dakota’s. It was Earth Day (which was on a Sunday this year) and there wasn’t a single element of the day that didn’t have meaning behind it. Everywhere you looked, everything you heard, touched–Smelled, even, had a story.


K I A N A  + D A V I D

Kiana and David were married at the stunning Knowles Memorial Chapel on the campus of Rollins College in Winter Park. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more beautiful church, nor one more perfectly suited for a bride and groom.

V A L O R I E  +  J O S H


And so they are. Just watch, try not to cry, and tell me this isn’t one of the greatest gifts of life you’ve ever seen–two souls, perfectly matched, reunited.


K A T I E  + K E N N Y

It is truly refreshing to walk into a wedding knowing that my bride and groom are 100% present for the moments that are awaiting them. No distractions. No nerves. No anxiety. Just love.

E M I L Y  +  T I M

Tim’s was the first face Emily saw when she walked into the busy restaurant where she was meeting her sister and friends on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Like Emily, Tim felt the room fall away and nothing has shifted their gaze from each other since.


J I L L I A N + M I C H A E L

“Love is not breathlessness. It is not excitement. It is not our proclamation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being in love, which any of us can convince ourselves that we are. Love itself is what is leftover when being in love has burned away. And this is both an art and a fortunate accident. You and I have this.” ~ Michael to Jillian


We are friendly, approachable, artful, emotionally honest, edgy, deep and homegrown, grass roots kind of artists.
We conceptualized Pear & Thorn as a play on our surnames as well as the contrast and compliments we found within our relationship. The pear fruit is soft, crisp, unique and luxurious in some ways, while the thorn is unpredictable, wild, self-preserving, and often attached to things of great beauty.We think these elements represent our films and photographs. Nothing we do is formulaic and we advise our clients to trust us as we create the most perfect, artistic representation of something that should not be rushed–the telling of your unique story.

  • They are the most amazing videographers! Such sweet, genuine, and talented people...Samantha really took the time to get to know us as a couple to see what worked best for us, which definitely made a difference. Her creativity and talent worked together to make the perfect wedding video, which my husband and I couldn't be more in love with. Thank you for blessing us with your amazing gifts! We would recommend Pear & Thorn Productions, Llc. in a heartbeat.

    The Sotelos
  • Absolutely In love with our wedding video. Sam and Dave are the sweetest people and made our wedding day stress free and so much fun! My husband and myself have never felt more comfortable in front of a camera. They were able to take our love story and turn it into a video that brought us tears of happiness and memories to last us for a life time. We highly recommend Pear and Thorn Productions for your wedding day, you will not be disappointed.

  • After reading and hearing that most brides number one regret is not having that video to look back on of that very special moment in time, made me decide to push my budget. And I can not even put into words how that was one of the best decisions I ever made for my wedding only preceded by the people that made this video happen.

    Katie & Cody
  • I absolutely loved working Sam and Dave. They have a rare ability to capture moments - big and small - while remaining in the background and we couldn't be happier with our wedding video.

  • They truly know how to capture a love story and are passionate about their work. Thank you Pear & Thorn!!

  • Pear & Thorn, they were the very first people I booked to use for my wedding day. The explanation is within the work and the video they produce. Simply stated, the most heartfelt and professional people to work with. Anyone getting married should use Pear and Thorn every time! Sam is a very talented person and makes your wedding day just as you remember when you take a look of the video she puts together! Hands down, best videographer

  • To anyone who is considering hiring Pear and Thorn to capture ANY special moment in their lives, DO IT! My husband and I trusted them with the task of filming our wedding day and it was probably the single best decision we made, throughout the entire planning process. We met with lots of videographers, but from the moment we met with Samantha, we knew she was the one we wanted to capture one of the most important days of our lives. She was more present and genuine than any other vendor we met with and she continued to be a source of peace throughout the entire experience. She listened carefully to our vision and truly wanted to ensure that she told our story in the light that we wanted it to be displayed in. When the big day finally arrived, she came to the venue perfectly calm and prepared, which really stands out in the midst of so many fast paced, chaotic preparations. She managed to catch every important moment and somehow make our video even more spectacular than we expected. Our video has brought tears of joy to everyone who we have shared it with. We worked so hard to make our wedding day as beautiful as we were capable of, yet every special moment we planned seemed to fly by in seconds. Pear and Thorn helped us stop time and gave us the gift of being able to relive that day in vibrant color whenever we desire. We are beyond grateful to have been able to find them.

    Hannah & Dakota