Morgan + Andrew Engagement | Vero Beach, FL

Morgan + Andrew are adorable from all angles! We had a great time running around Vero Beach’s Riverside Park on a gorgeous Friday afternoon in January. The light was perfect, the backdrop was perfect, THEY were perfect! They said they were awkward in photos. They definitely are not.

After playing around in the park, which mostly consisted of me going: “Ooo! Let’s go over there!” and darting us back and forth like some maniac squirrel. They were totally cool with it though! We also talked horses, and school, and jobs and wedding plans!

As the sun dropped on the horizon we decided to venture over to the beach where we found the most beautiful colors one could ever hope for in an engagement session photo shoot. We played in the sand, walked along the waterline and then as time was drawing closer to the end I asked if they would be willing to get a little further into the water. AND THEY DID. Correction: we did. And when I say we, I mean mostly me, like waist deep, in a skirt. very uncomfortable, but I got the shot I was looking for and it was soooo much fun!!

Be on the lookout for this couple again in a few months after their wedding In Orlando this spring! Thank you, Morgan and Andrew for sharing some laughs and fun times with me last month!

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