Few things are more beautiful than a Delray Beach, Florida sunrise elopement, but somehow Christina and Paul managed to raise the standard.

Aside from the stunning view and vibe, they chose this particular beach because that’s where Paul first asked Christina to be his girlfriend two years earlier.

They chose to elope at sunrise on Delray Beach

They were surrounded by their closest family and friends, and their ceremony was accompanied by a harpist and the crashing waves. I can’t imagine a better way to begin the next chapters of life than that.

They chose a Florida Elopement Videographer to capture it all

Christina told me that then they decided to elope, the most important thing aside from actually getting married was to make sure they captured it all in living motion. I was so thrilled they trusted me with their elopement film! Being a witness to love like this makes so proud to share my gifts. I pray they cherish this beautiful elopement film forever.

Favorite moments:

  • Harpist making the vibe Just right for the sunrise mood
  • The little pipers rushing along the beach in the background of their ceremony
  • Christina’s stunning DRESS
  • Their “all in” attitude when I asked if they were willing to lay on the beach for a sweet drone shot
  • The brunch table set with treats for the guests to share after the ceremony
Special thanks to the team who helped make their Delray Beach sunrise elopement happen:
Getting ready venue: Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa
Photographer: Charles J Karam
Florida Elopement videographer: Pear & Thorn
Location: Delray Beach, FL