Magnolia Manor: Vero Beach, FL

Erin and Ryan love the outdoors and met through their work as guides for other adventure-seekers. I was immediately drawn to their laid-back, up-for-anything attitude when we first started talking. They currently live in Montana, and a destination wedding to Florida where Erin was raised was perfect

While planning their engagement shoot, we tossed around different options for locations. I loved the duality of their loves of the ocean and forest settings. So, of course we incorporated both! We started at Round Island on the river side and hopped over to the beach side for some water play at sunset. See their engagement session >here<.

Erin’s family is Irish and Catholic and their ceremony held at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Vero Beach. The mass was beautiful and subtle. Father Murphy may have snuck a couple hunts as to how fun the reception was likely to be with Erin’s family in attendance. It was an accurate prediction for sure!

Erin and Ryan wrote notes to each other in these gorgeous botanical notebooks. As the years of their marriage go on they can always go back and add to the pages of their love story. Swoon much, right?!

Erin’s bouquet was 100% DIY. Her family ordered tons of flowers and made all of the arrangements themselves. I drooled over this amazing bridal bouquet all day. Might still be, actually.

I walked in and knew exactly where to do all of our prep portraits. Right here, OF COURSE. Just LOOK at that green couch!!!

We padded the day with lots of time for photo opportunities both on the water and in the wooded grounds of their reception venue, Magnolia Manor. It couldn’t have told their story more perfectly.

One of my favorite things ever is when I can just steal the bride and groom away from the party to just go sneak off into the woods for a hot minute. They were cool with that too.