So…you’re engaged! Congratulations! Maybe you’re planning an intimate wedding with family. Or maybe you’re eloping in Asia. Either way, I know you’re already wondering how you’re going to document your epic love story. With a wedding film, your story will come to life like no other to preserve the adventures of your love. But you might be wondering…how do I rock my wedding video? It all comes down to a few key steps.

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Hire a videographer you jive with

One of the most important aspects of a wedding video is hiring a videographer you really connect with! Matching personalities are a must. Think about it. You’ll be together for the most intimate parts of your day on the most important day of your life.  Why wouldn’t you want to love being around them?! Beyond personality, you should love their style!  Whether that be cinematic, indie, narrative, or music-based videography, and they should have lots of solid samples to show you of the style you love. It’s a must for your videographer to really GET you.  After all, it’s only the most important story of your life. 

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Write letters to each other

One of my favorite ways to bring a wedding video to life is to have my couples exchange letters before the ceremony. Letters are one of the most intimate ways to tell a story, make a beautiful narration to a video, and most importantly, anchor you back to why you’re getting married. It’s a beautiful way to center yourselves before walking down the aisle to remember what brought you two together.

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Write your own vows

Similar to writing letters, writing your own vows makes for beautiful narration that takes your film to the next level. Make these personal.  Really make an effort to highlight what makes your relationship special. Writing your own vows is a beautiful tradition that animates your story and often leaves nary a dry eye in the audience. Pro tip: If it’s not possible to read your vows during your religious ceremony, try reading them during a private first look or first touch for an intimate moment you’llnever forget.

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Talk to the camera

An amazing way to make your wedding video special is to talk directly to the camera! Breaking the fourth wall in your video makes your film intimate and unique, as well as keeps you present and out of your own head. Just think of it like you’re in ‘The Office’! Checkout Ellie+Josh’s film for examples of breaking the fourth wall

pear and thorn florida international wedding elopement videographer

Go off-script for your portrait session

Let us be brutally honest for a second…there’s nothing worse than posing for photos or video in awkward, boring ways that don’t show off who you are! So, go off-script and shake it up with walking, running, twirling, and dipping to make your film really move.

Refine your toasts

Toasts are always a fun part of the wedding, but make sure to advise your best man and maid of honor on their toasts and try looking over them before they give them— revealing or embarrassing stories often turn out more cringe than cute. The best toasts are given off the cuff, but if your loved ones need to read off their phones, ask them to write down key bullet points instead of full sentences. The best wedding videos come about when your friends’ faces aren’t covered by their phone for their whole speech!

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The most important tip of all is to BE YOU! Pinterest is amazing for wedding inspo…until it starts tempting you to be something you’re not. Drop the expectations— your film will be so much better if you’re not acting like what you think you need to be. Your uniqueness is what makes your wedding film truly unforgettable, so don’t forget to be yourself. 

Get inspiration from these films:

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Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?