Addey and Matheus wanted an epic Iceland Adventure Elopement Film

It was serendipitous how we found each other. I randomly put out an Instagram story one day stating that I wanted to film an adventure elopement in Iceland. Addey was planning her Iceland adventure elopement and had a filmmaker to document the journey already. The day I posted that story, Addey learned that her filmmaker couldn’t make the trip. **Key dramatic transition** so naturally, she just happened to come across my story on IG and immediately reached out. We were quickly on the path to planning their perfect adventure elopement film. Neither of us pictured the perfection that resulted in their final film, but we are both so grateful for it.

iceland adventure elopement film

Addey + Matheus’s story: Exchange Student to Life Partner

Addey + Matheus met at an airport. It’s symbolic, because in some ways, travel has been a large foundation for their relationship.

You see, Matheus was an exchange student from Brazil staying with Addey’s family for his senior year in high school. They were both seniors actually, and that year would come to define the rest of their lives.

I remember seeing him for the first time. This tall, tan, good-looking Brazilian exchange student and thinking, ‘Oh boy. We’re in for a whole lot of trouble with these two,’

Addey’s Sister

Friendship transitioned to dating which turned to a deep and enduring love. Years passed and their love of travel brought them to Iceland. Being the unique spirits they are, they decided an adventure elopement in Iceland was the only logical first step for marriage. So that’s what they did. Friends and family from Brazil, America, Switzerland and Croatia joined them on one of their favorite cliffs in the Snaefellsnes peninsula to witness them exchange vows. I am so glad they opted to film the whole experience. They can relive their adventure elopement forever and share it with those who couldn’t be there–and it feels like they were there, too!

iceland adventure elopement film

We spent five days touring Iceland, filming their elopement adventure.

We had so much fun exploring the island together. I very quickly felt like another member of the family. When we arrived at the Snaefellsnes peninsula, I looked up and saw the Aurora Borealis. Addey and I held on to each other just jumping up and down nearly crying with joy and the beauty of it. It was a life changing experience for all of us.

My favorite moments were many, but one thing stands out:

We spent many hours touring the island. But in all our time together, I felt we were missing something that I couldn’t identify.Our last day together I was musing that I would love a poem of some sort to add to the finished film. That is when Matheus told me about his grandfather, a poet, and two of the poems he memorized in Portuguese. I cried when he recited them for me. I then begged him to let me record his recitation later that evening. It was the piece that was missing and it came forward in the most beautiful way. It’s almost as if the island itself were coaxing it out of Matheus’s heart through his grandfather’s soul.

There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t wish to go back to the week I spent with Addey + Matheus. They are so full of life, and joy and pure love. It’s simply impossible to not be infected by it. I am forever grateful that they asked me to come along on their journey.

Special Thanks to the Local and International vendors who helped make their Iceland adventure elopement perfect!

Photographer | Vana Katančić
Florist | Blair Bailey Design
Hair & Makeup |Margret Magnus
Bridal Gown Salon |Olivia Bowen Bridal
Hair Accessories | Chantelle Renee Bridal
Manicurist | Katz Klawz Nail Spa
Bridal Alterations | Emelina’s Bridal
Wedding Cake | Sætar Syndir

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