This was the last wedding we filmed before COVID. We had no idea how much all of our lives were about to change when we filmed this wedding. I’m thankful we had this peaceful, fun day to enjoy a sense of normalcy before the world fell apart.

Katie + Michael.. where to begin

Some weddings can go by a familiar script. There’s the dress, the beautiful bride, dashing groom, funny banter exchanged with groomsmen, kisses, romantic words, cake cutting, dancing and a grand exit. They call that the fairytale wedding. On the outside, Katie and Michael definitely check the boxes, but when you look past that surface you see something truly breathtaking.

You see a couple who’ve been together several years— who’ve lived a full life already. You see how all of those years haven’t changed how deeply the feel for each other. In fact you may call to question: “did you guys just meet??” You see friends, family and loved ones baring all that they are because that’s the standard Katie and Michael have created as a couple. Somehow when you’re with them, you’re stripped down to your absolute essence. Take a moment and realize that they’ve just brought out the best part of you as they have in the people around them. It’s no wonder why there were so many tears and on-camera testimonials throughout the day. We ALL (myself included) want you to SEE, truly SEE, this couple as more than just a bride and groom.

And when you look past the white dress, the suit and jewelry you begin to appreciate how it’s not the dress and the suit that makes the couple beautiful. It’s their smile, their tears. It’s the breaking down the barriers of what it means for us to come together and celebrate times like these. Our time together is all that we truly have, and folks, they get it better than anyone else I know.

This was the last wedding we filmed before COVID and it reminds me to stop and not take the little things for granted. I reflect on this film and I see those little things being honored in such big ways.

Laugh with them when Katie’s dad (aka DJ Snow) raps his welcome speech. Cry when you see the third tear fall down Michael’s face. Whatever it takes, let yourself get to know this couple. You’ll get to know a bit of yourself in return, I promise.

Special thanks to the vendors who helped make their day perfect:

Venue | Up The Creek Farms
Photographer | Vitalic Photo
Filmmaker | Pear & Thorn
DJ | Blue Skies Entertainment
Officiant | Christine Hambrick
Hair Stylist | Lindsay Naffziger
Makeup Artist | Cindy Goetz
Gown Boutique | Aurora Bridal