“The wonderful thing about weddings, is that on one day, you can look around and see all of the people who have had an impact in your life, all of the people you love and support you, in one room.”

Of the many weddings I’ve attended, that sentiment generally stands out to me. A speech will generally start with introductions, gratitude for all who have attended and traveled from near and from far to participate in the celebrations. Many times toast givers will mention something along the lines of the quote above.

I think a lot about that statement, especially when I reflect on this couple. Kendall and Jack were indeed surrounded by those who’ve loved and supported them throughout their lives, but I think this line should be turned a bit…

The common piece each member of their wedding attendance had in common was this: They were ALL impacted, STRONGLY, by Kendall and Jack in Their lives.

And maybe there’s something obvious in that, but I am not sure all couples readily see this.

It’s not hard to piece it together for these two especially when you meet them. They are bright, they are full of life and love, and not just as a couple–individually they are so so special. So the two of them coming together feels magical to say the least.

The officiant for their wedding said something also that stuck with me. He said love like this has the power to change the world. He is right.

Love can Change the World.

Let that sink in.

So as you watch the beautiful moments from their day, and allow yourself to connect with these two, realize that what you are seeing is not just a wedding. You are not just watching a wedding video of a happy couple. You are seeing two people, with full hearts of love, who have impacted the world around them and made it a better place.

They continue to make the world better each and every day, but their wedding day was a bookmark in a tome of their Odyssey yet to be written.

Think of what we could do if we all allowed ourselves to love like that.

Special thanks to the vendors who made their day perfect:

Photographer | Vitalic Photo
Florist | Lara’s Theme
Venue | Saint Helen Catholic Church
Reception | The Moorings Yacht & Country Club
Band | The Royals
Hair | Lindsay Naffziger
Makeup | Cindy Goetz
Dress | Carolina Herrera
Cake | Frosting