Anh & Brittany’s Magnolia Manor Wedding | Vero Beach, FL

5 and a half years before Anh & Brittany’s wedding they were on the dock fishing in the Sebastian Inlet together. Anh had a fish on the line and asked Brittany to reel it in. To her surprise, it was not a fish she was reeling in… it was a message in a bottle, and in that message was Anh’s heart. In a display more likely found in a romantic movie, Anh had written a note, asking Brittany to be his girlfriend, and the rest they say is history. He has since expressed his love for her in other similar swoon-worthy gestures along the way and it certainly didn’t stop at their wedding.

It’s so hard writing posts for my couples sometimes. Mostly because our relationship has spanned months to years sometimes and so much has happened in that time that I want to talk about. In Anh and Brittany’s case, I think about our engagement session we had over at Sea Oaks and all the chats about details and timelines and surprises. I think about my favorite things about the two of them and it mostly comes back to how Brittany just lights up when Anh is with her and how Anh tries SO hard not to seem like a total softie but utterly fails when he looks into her eyes. I remember how nervous Brittany was about the rain the morning of the wedding and how Confident Anh was that it would stop in time for the ceremony–it’s how much she completely Trusted his prediction. And he was right… And I think that’s really when I knew these two were perfect for each other.

Lauren, the coordinator at Magnolia Manor, asked Anh to make a call on whether or not to bring everything under cover and I could tell she was nervous when he said to proceed as planned. But Brittany wasn’t nervous. Once Anh made the call, she just knew it would all be as it was supposed to be. That moment really struck me and I am happy to report that Anh was right and the rain cleared up completely by the time they walked down the aisle!

They were made for each other, and I truly couldn’t be happier to have been on this small part of their journey with them. I know they have so much to look forward to and I can’t wait to see where life takes them! Congratulations, Brittany & Anh!





Magnolia Manor: Vero Beach, Florida

Who We Worked With

Photo + Film | Pear & Thorn Productions
Floral Design Pink Pelican
Makeup Design | Faces by Linda
Hair Styling | Danielle Topp
Entertainment | J Rush / Jonathan Russell
Catering | 14 Bones


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