The Couple

“You’re the light of my life, babe. I love you and I can’t wait to marry you.” ~ Ryan

I was very anxious when driving to Emily and Ryan’s wedding in Sebastian, Florida. I was anxious because rain was threatening to completely alter the vision of their outdoor wedding ceremony at Captain Hirams. I mean, a little rain here or there is normal for Florida, but it was absolutely pouring the majority of the day. At any given time in the hours of preparation before the wedding you’d likely see a phone screen scanning weather apps and forecasts. Listen close enough and you’d hear something that sounded a little like: “I think we might get lucky. There’s a little window in all that green on its way”.

But despite the rain, Emily and Ryan were going to get married on that beautiful Indian River shoreline. It was honestly one of the best moments I recall in my time filming weddings. Couples worry so much about rain, but despite what would happen to her dress, makeup or hair, Emily and Ryan wanted to say “I Do” in the place they had been dreaming of for so long. Of course their photographer and I were going to make it happen for them.

We lugged all our gear out to the site, where the rain was pouring down without signs of stopping and then it just did. It stopped raining. It was a sign from God if I’ve ever seen one and I think it set the tone for the story these two were about to share with their family and friends.

Life is filled with unexpected challenges, like rain on your wedding day. But Emily and Ryan rolled with it and their wedding was nothing short of breathtaking. I am forever thankful for bearing witness to their love on such a spectacular show of God’s love!


Captain Hirams Resort of Sebastian, Florida

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