Josh & Valorie’s Lake Placid Wedding | Lake Placid, FL

It was a warm, beautiful April day on Lake Placid where Valorie & Josh were about to get married. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I was seriously looking forward to their sunset portrait session!

The sunset was breathtaking, but that really isn’t what stands out in my memory for these two.

It was a moment I will never forget–when Josh unfolds the letter he’s planning to give to Valorie and begins to read it aloud. Halfway through the first sentence he chokes up and it totally blind-sided me. I was immediately pulled into a whirlpool of emotions pouring out from Josh’s soul and dang if I didn’t cry too.

So, I pulled myself together, giddy at knowing how wonderful that letter would sound in their wedding film, and walked down the hall to Valorie’s room. Same thing. She unfolds her letter, begins the first sentence and breaks down, laughing with happy tears welling in her eyes.

“I just witnessed something you only see in movies. They really are soulmates,” I thought.

Before recording those letters I was obsessing over the decor, the details, the view, the charm, the people but after hearing those words all I wanted was to get those two married and asap.

And so they are. Just watch, try not to cry, and tell me this isn’t one of the greatest gifts of life you’ve ever seen–two souls, perfectly matched, reunited.


Private Residence: Lake Placid, Florida

Who We Worked With

Photographer | Tiffany Danielle
Videography | Pear & Thorn Productions
Entertainment | DJ Glenn
Makeup & Makeup Design | Taylor Acree-Griffin
Floral Design | Pat’s Floral
Cake | Melissa Ellis
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