Katie + Kenny’s Waldo’s Secret Garden Wedding

It is truly refreshing to walk into a wedding knowing that my bride and groom are 100% present for the moments that are awaiting them. No distractions. No nerves. No anxiety. Just love.

Just about any wedding one attends will have its share of nerves. Weddings really are a carousel of moving pieces and all of those pieces come together to form the beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. For many all of these moving pieces can be daunting and overwhelming. We sometimes get lost in all of that movement and forget to be in the moment. This was certainly not the case for Katie and Kenny.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two people more present in every single moment of the day as these two. It’s not hard to see even after the fact. For Katie, there’s only Kenny and there’s NO doubt there’s only Katie for Kenny. I’m getting choked up just thinking about their first look, hidden within a little nook of the wild beauty that is Waldo’s Secret Garden in Vero Beach.

When you watch the highlights of their day you will feel the strong emotion pulsing through each moment. I dare you not to laugh or to cry (especially when Kenny and his mom hug before the ceremony). I certainly can’t hold it back and I’ve watched it hundreds of times in the process of creating their wedding film.

So, be like Katie and Kenny. Feel it all. Be in  the moment, no matter what. All we have are these moments, after all.


Waldo’s Secret Garden: Vero Beach, Florida

Who We Worked With

Photographer |Nikki Neswick
Videography | Pear & Thorn Productions
Floral Design |Waldo’s Secret Garden
Entertainment Traxx Entertainment
Rentals | Event Makers
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