Hannah + Dakota’s Sweetwater Branch Inn Wedding | Gainesville, FL

I’m not sure I’ll ever see another wedding quite as unique as Hannah & Dakota’s. It was Earth Day (which was on a Sunday this year) and there wasn’t a single element of the day that didn’t have meaning behind it. Everywhere you looked, everything you heard, touched–Smelled, even, had a story. So you can imagine why this wedding story is special for me.

To begin, the wedding was a morning ceremony, outdoors, at the stunning Sweetwater Branch Inn, which as of now is my favorite vintage garden wedding venue. Rich, deep colors and heirloom adornments framed the preparation portion of the day with a subtle grace that one can only find in vintage art films. The letters Hannah and Dakota exchanged were poetic, and tear-inducing, but it was really just the appetizer for their vows later that morning.

Hannah wore a BHLDN gown, the couple donned Tom’s as their shoes, instead of a unity candle, they planted a TREE with soils from both of their birth states (!!!) and by far my favorite element of the day: they joined their surnames to form a completely new name instead of taking one or the other. They are now, for the first time ever, the Mayderry’s.

Hannah and Dakota’s love bloomed in high school and they both have pursued degrees and careers in the social sciences. Their table markers were sociology terms and theories instead of numbers, and each place setting had an explanation of the theory and it’s importance in their relationship. Talk about thought-out!

I could literally go on and on about these two. Aside from the obvious epicness of their day, I can’t help but feel a little sad because I didn’t know them sooner. They are wonderful, FULL individuals with an awareness of self and the world I hardly see in a couple so young. I feel very blessed to know them and to tell just a little part of their Very long, unending story.

So, please, watch and enjoy a love story for the ages. The girl with a crush on the boy sitting next to her on the first day of freshman year in high school. The boy too nervous to express his feelings for her, and the love that eventually blossomed into a celebration on Earth Day the likes of which has never been seen.


Sweetwater Branch Inn: Gainesville, Florida

Who We Worked With

Videography | Pear & Thorn Productions
Floral Design | Prange’s Florist
Makeup | Christina Burns
Hair | Laura Lee
Gown | BHLDN
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