Tia-Rose & Luke’s Willoughby Golf Club Wedding | Stuart, FL

Luke & Tia-Rose’s wedding at The Willoughby Golf Club in Stuart was beautiful. From the hand-made macramé decor that Tia-Rose worked on for months, the incredible florals cascading over the arbor, to the perfect blue sky above, their wedding was literally picture perfect. But I hardly noticed any of it. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from Luke and Tia-Rose together.

Both are athletic, outgoing, humble, generous, wonderful individuals with a huge family and friends between them. They smile big, they laugh big, the PARTY big, but oh my…. how they love big.

When I first met them I wasn’t sure they could be real. How can two people, who have only ever loved the other since their teen years be so in love?! It’s clearly a rhetorical question but even that seems silly to say out loud because to see them is to know that they just are. They are in love, always have been in love and always will be in love for the rest of their days.

And I am so completely confident saying that. I know they best together, and I am better for having met them and witnessed this perfect love in person!


The Willoughby Golf Club: Stuart, Florida

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Floral Design Sarandipity Floral
Makeup | Sanctuary Spa
Hair | Sherrie Stromack
Entertainment | Class Act Productions
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