w h a t  w e  d o

We want to give your story a voice–be it in film or photo form. We primarily specialize in wedding films, but we provide photography services as well. After all, photography was our first media.

The number one regret brides confess to us is not including videography in their wedding plans. Pictures are a must, but pictures can’t completely capture the preciousness of your first glimpse of each other before becoming husband and wife. That’s why we love what we do–preserving the movement and essence of love in its purest form is the greatest gift we can give.

Take a look at our most recent work and decide if we fit the style you envision for your wedding or family session. You may request an Investment Guide and schedule a consultation at any time.

Q & A

There are so many questions that pop up along your wedding photo & film planning journey. We’ve outlined our most commonly asked questions with our take on things! 

What does Pear & Thorn mean?

Pear & Thorn is a play on our surnames (Thornton and Pearsaul) and ironically symbolizes real qualities unique to both of us. We see our relationship and our films as a balance between the raw and structured nature of life, so the soft, elegance of the Pear fruit protected by the fierce and bold beauty of thorny vegetation just makes total sense to us!

How long have you been filming weddings?

Sam has been a photographer and filmmaker in various forms from 2008. She entered the wedding film industry as a happy accident in 2013 while gifting a friend with a short wedding video. She discovered the stories she enjoyed telling most were the ones with the rawest of emotion found at weddings and the rest is history!

Why you should consider filming your wedding

Still photos are absolutely essential–take it from a photographer (me!). But think of it like this: you LOVE your photos… but what if they moved?! You can hear the words he said when he first saw you walk down the aisle, you can watch in real time how your dad choked up and let loose those two  tears when he saw you in your dress before the ceremony, you can hear exactly what your Best Man and Maid of Honor said that left your face hurting for the rest of the night. Honestly, there’s a million reasons to preserve your wedding day in lasting memory, but ultimately it’s something you and your family must decide is important enough to invest in.

Do you offer wedding Photography too? Can’t I get both Film & Photography from just you?

Yes and Yes! We are thrilled when our couples ask us to be their primary wedding photographer and it’s an even Bigger honor when we get to do both things we love–Film AND Photo! We work with a number of amazingly talented artists and will choose the perfect artists to assist us for your style. Couples who combine photo and film services are also eligible for a discounted rate depending on the services requested–so be sure to ask us about photo too if you haven’t already booked your photographer and really love our style!

Can we meet before sending a retainer or signing a contract?

Absolutely! In fact, we prefer to meet our couples in person or via Skype/Facetime before we move forward. We book a limited number of events a year and it’s super important that you feel 100% comfortable with us and our style of working. That way we can walk you through all of the details in the contract, answer all of your questions and get to know you on a more personal level. We recommend scheduling a consultation whenever you are close to deciding on your wedding film.

How do we book our day with you?

In order to reserve your wedding day on our calendar we require 50% of the package total as non-refundable retainer along with a signed contract. If you aren’t sure what package you would like but still want to reserve the date we require a non-refundable retainer of $1000.

Do you offer complimentary Engagement Sessions?

We offer a complimentary 2 hour engagement session with our wedding photography packages. We do not offer complimentary engagement sessions in our film packages because of the sheer amount of editing even the smallest of sessions can take, but we do offer engagement films as an optional add-on.

What kinds of products do you offer?

We have several products available to preserve your wedding memories.

Wedding photography is offered in a full range of digital only via secure FTP all the way through super plush leather-bound heirloom albums customized to fit your needs. We suggest meeting and discussing your needs before deciding on a photo package.

Wedding films are also available in digital download only through DVD and Blu-ray publishing.

The cool thing about our products is that you have the option to buy photos/films/extra edits from your wedding any time. We never purge media. We keep it forever, in several backups and secure storage devices indefinitely.

How long will you keep my footage and files?

We keep backups of every wedding we cover for as long as we are capable. Currently, we have each wedding backed up between a solid state storage device and copied within several other hard drives that are stored in two separate secured locations to avoid any type of disaster that may arise. i.e. Florida…. Hurricanes… you get the gist.