I think it’s a common misconception that to have a perfect wedding day, everything must be in it’s place and in perfect order. For instance, most people would see cloudy skies or rain and immediately grumble at how it ruined the day. I personally do not see it this way. I Love weather on a wedding day! It makes things interesting for sure, but it’s just another example of how life really is. Life isn’t going to go by the book. It won’t come anywhere close for most of us, actually. But I think that’s what makes it worth living.

Renatta and Jared’s story is a little like that. Life wasn’t simple for either of them before they met. In fact, I remember Renatta telling me she was pretty sure she would never get married. Then she met Jared and that all changed. In a short time she was fully woven into Jared and his little girl’s life, and that felt like absolute perfection to her.

When you listen to loved ones talk about them, you can’t help but see what makes them so special. They love with their whole hearts. You’re not just friends with these two… you’re Family and you feel it right away. We could hardly stand outside for more than 15 minutes for their portraits after the ceremony due to the absolutely ridiculous hurricane-strength winds, but YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW to look at them in this video that anything was amiss. They were Wrapped in each other and the sheer joy of the step they’d just taken on the path of the rest of their lives.

Aside from these two just being epic in general, their party was pretty on point. The reception space at the Hilton Melbourne Beach was Stunningly designed, and the DJ Shane Entertainment kept the place hopping all night.

I am so happy for these two, and even happier knowing they get to look back on these moments forever and feel all the emotions of that awesome day. Cheers you guys!

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day perfect!

Ceremony Venue: Holy Name of Jesus
Reception Venue: Hilton Melbourne Beach, FL
Filmmaker: Pear & Thorn
Photographer: Liz Cowie
Planner/Designer: Julie Miner Events
Entertainment: DJ Shane Entertainment
Floral Design: Buds, Etc.
Cake: Creative Cakes By Dawn
Chairs: Custom Creations
Drapery: KL Drapery